Maker is that your will?
We to I to you and still
Wait how the day into night rolls on
And our 15th love becomes the better one

There's a red sky at night, knife in my hand
Better to have and to hold the blade away
Broken wing I keep in a tub
Tomorrow I will melt the fat from that limb

To you our senses do the will
You have no dear so the will's away
Tried upside-down, never want that you're in
Whether year, or month, or week, or day

Lovely for I am in that
We're too much, there are such bits in you
With all the sharing we have learnt;
The little and the happy, the smoke and the mirrors

We are just vessels so take a deep breath,
Up to a point I see clearer
To watch beyond laughter and the death of a smile
The heart track is for love

The will of you, not I
Your last week was the day we settled everything
I adore your songs and our eyes felt each finger
The heart track is for love



Most of any, isn't it all?
From together mornings to creaking doors
I wander through this town, head held high
Higher than the ground that I step on or the bottom of the sky

(they really be so together)
Together for what we'll wish
And the lily gutted my heart's confidence
The lily of the valley and the bloated victim (washed up on the shore)

Certainly our instinct's future moves us
Always just a copy, always the copy is just like at the start
The victim swaps hearts with another
Are we not the shadows of our fathers and our mothers?

Ahead of them before I could truly smile
Ahead of them before I could truly cry
Ahead of them before I could truly turn
Ahead of them before I could truly know

At times I hear it anew
Remember how the waves lapped over you
In bloom, what I wanted to be
Sometimes in the morning I feel happy

Bright eyes lit a way for me to follow
Dredged up from the deep to the shallow
In bloom, what I wanted to be
Sometimes in the morning I feel happy

Listen to me
(but I can't, but I won't)
truthfully you must
(why must I listen?)
on my white knuckles
(what can you see?)
the future. what will be, will be.



Oh, be as mine
recognise it really happened this time
I understand the process
how others learn and listen
you found me, i was missing
I knew we’d end up here tucked away
now we’re joined at the face
Forever and a day

hold me, never let me go
No, I will never let you go
I am all you’ll ever need
and all you’ll ever be

Only you can save me
Since my lips are immobile and burn
like the flame that yearns to be
Free from memory
look we’ve come so far
and with a mouthful of bacteria we embrace
Open wide
inside each other we can always hide

Hold me, never let me go
No I will never let you go
I am all you’ll ever need
and all you’ll ever need to be
So take these hands they’ve given so much
there’s no escape I will never release you
Because what goes up must come down
and I'll drag you back with me if I have to


Sweet Nothings

I’m not right with the distance apart
Have another, be a man
Hopefully we can enjoy new things
Take a chance

Someone whispered sweet nothings in my ear
Fear sickness, embrace disease, count your blessings
A perfect year

Had we been different, yet thankful
Tell me on which path he will walk by
Much further on I waited to be
Sheltered by the loving hand of God

Say we are such, hour upon hour
And we called it feel, and we called it forgiveness
I just didn't realise, a mist surrounded me
Woven of tangled destinies

Head or stir, will I at the place?
My grace is made perfectly in weakness
Now denied by fate
From which all rays emanate

People don’t change, people never change
They just stay the same
Bodies groan in this paradise
And guilt ripples through mine like a river through a valley
At times like this


Mirror Museum

This isn’t what I thought it would be
It’s nearly midnight
I thought I would change
Maybe I have changed
But I do not know that i have changed
Or I have not changed enough
This isn’t what i thought it would be

Wake up little one
So pure you are
Probably the baby is a good blue as it gasps
Life inside of you, just imagine
God be praised, it’s a boy

17 still is you
Sweaty and gathered
At which point the wrapping is lost
And what I assume, you shall assume
Dry and sorry with flowery meadows

Lady better hope
Took their days away
Behind the blind experience I frame


Shadows of Apple Blossoms

Willow strands droop low in the summer
And your day is genuinely a lovely day
Deliver to me and keep me warm enough
Miss me when I've gone away

It reminds me of a lady
Objective to these you side
And forever to be; beyond trust I wither
Like apple blossom in winter is gone forever
It’s gone

Keen to linger, improve months
I'll send up my sighs
To hang from the gallows, a silhouette
Just go



Lacewing, I lament regardless
This veil is but a whisper to help me see through
and tonight I grind my teeth in your memory
it’s a window through which I can see your stasis in darkness
Nicotine stained sepia past, the winter rose tinted glass
Look graciously upon the clasp of my fingers that squeeze and release
I am you and you are me
Abort the fetus, the family has spoken
Out of it’s misery we put it right there in the open
Alone, emotionally evicted
Your self-pouring liquid inflicted harm by proxy
Yesterday’s gone and now all I want is a smile

Lacewing, one seemed to form
but the bodily functions under pressure reject, whatever
mourning, cos you're broken
And I’m letting go too, just like you
Into the deep blue
drowning our sorrows together, it’s catching; this feeling
I’m matching your thin blood for consistency and attaching the blame
Like father, like son

Wingless, live your life
with regret the past few years locked away
Limb by broken limb bring us back one step closer to him
and maybe this time things will be
theoretically the way we always wanted them to
So let the blood you bleed internally speak of the need to feel like we do

Lacewing, one reason more
These words I’ve written and struggled to pen continue to haunt me;
I’m possessed by obsolete defences
Protective despite desire to address this disease inherited
Blamed upon everyone else except the carrier
Protective despite the threadlike barrier
Like father, like son I remain


Half Widow

Filled with apologies
Scarred, re-born
What happened to longing’s desire?
Unstable, unbalanced
I don’t feel safe, just exposed

Scratched, re-born
Navigating life alone
Not for a year or an age but forever

So make a wish and count to ten
Rest your head on the pillow you share with them
And say sorry, say sorry again
Don’t be scared
Don’t be scared
Don’t be scared


True & Eternal Bliss

Don’t feel this true and eternal bliss isn’t for everyone
You've passed away
I have written your name on the palm of my hands

So there is no end if in you I pray?
We just fall away as we fly for the last time?

(I don't know where they live)

Take my hand, come to the light
You can be free

Thus am I; a feather on the breath of God, so sublime!
I tried, but as I flew and I fell I was torn between you
Tell me again, how should I be?
I can’t feel without faith that the place I’m brought to is for me

I am a man
I am a boy
And by her whispered words I’ll be carried away
If she’d meet me here half way

Eternal this moment
Deep breaths are all I’ll take until
I’m earth to ash or dust, then still.
A piece within I fear the same and always will, always remains
Maker, it seems so quickly past and death is sweet at last.