Dwayne Hindz, Aka Hindzy D, made his foray into the music industry at the tender age of 15. Inspired by pirate radio stations such as Kool FM and Rude FM, he started out as a DJ, learning to mix Jungle/Drum and Bass music at a friend’s house (NRG) because he didn’t yet have his own turntables.

By age 17, Hindzy D had secured a spot on the popular pirate station Touch FM, and within 6 months had progressed to a prime time slot on Sunday nights, which was hosted by childhood friends MC Havok, Orange and Navi. Since then, Hindzy D has toured the FM dial, playing weekly sets and making guest appearances on the likes of BBC 1xtra, Freak, Rinse, Raw, Mystic, De Ja Vu, Y2K, Heat, Bosey, Axe and Coppernob Internet Radio.

Hindzy’s passion for music led him to undertake a series of music qualifications, and post secondary school he completed a City and Guilds Course in Sound Engineering. He then went on to complete a Music Business Diploma at The Chocolate Factory. During his study he secured a job at the legendary underground music distribution company Southern Record Distributors. The job gave him the funds and access to acquire fresh vinyl each week for his radio show. After gaining yet another Diploma in Creative Producing at the City and Islington College, Hindzy decided it was time to buy his own equipment and launch his producing career.

In just under a year, Hindzy released a white label track named Target, which, after backing by big DJs such as Kiss Fm’s EZ, Rinse FM’s DJ Slimzee, Femme Fatale and Roll Deep, became a huge hit across all pirate radio stations and many specialized commercial radio slots. The track sold over 10,000 units and went on to be licensed by numerous major labels for compilation albums.

Having experienced bootlegging of Target by fraudsters, Hindzy wanted to learn more about the business side of the industry in order to protect his financial interests, and aslo to further hone his individual sound. And so he enrolled for a Degree in Commercial Music at Westminster University. Here he began to experiment with various genres of music, working with vocalists and live musicians. But his passion remained for the darker side of UK Garage.

In early 2002, Hindzy teamed up with Peter Litchfield, a friend he’d met through SRD some years before. Litchfield was a member of the successful Beatfreaks trio, who had enjoyed a string of successful releases in the bass heavy UK Garage genre, most notably Speakerbox, Switch, Original Badboy and Twelves. Litchfield came on board to help Hindzy managed his imprint Sting Recordings. Between them they clocked up 12 releases, not only featuring their own music but also launching other talent such as Disturbed Man Dem and Andy Havoc.

As Sting Recordings released subsequent tracks, interest around Hindzy’s minimal, bass heavy sound gathered speed, and Record Companies such as Warner Bros, Ministry of Sound and Relentless Records requested licensing permission for a number of tracks, including Target, Shrapnel, Soundwave and I’m Mad.

In late 2003, Sting Recordings discovered an up and coming artist named DJ Distance (Distance), whose music at the time didn’t quite fit the mould the masses were accustomed to. Regardless, Hindz and Litchfield were inspired and released the Distance EP, which unbeknown to the world, was essentially the first real Dubstep record. As the years rolled by, this release gained notoriety as a landmark in the progression of Dubstep, and Distance would go on to become a highly influential producer and global DJ.

In 2007, as the digital revolution took hold, Sting Recordings took a backseat, it wouldn’t resurface again until late 2011 with Sounds of the Scorpion, a discography that marked the end of the label’s existence. In its place, Hindzy formed Dub Injektion, a label that would reflect his signature style of the Dubstep genre. Distributed by SRD, the label has clocked up 9 releases to date, including two well received albums, Bass Speaks Louder Than Words and More Bass More Speakers. Hindzy continues to DJ, playing both old skool jungle/Garage sets, and Dubstep music. He has played in Sweden, Germany, Ayia Napa, and of course regularly in his hometown of London.

March 2012 marked the launch of the Dub Injektion website, and also Hindzy’s intention to bring up and coming producers into the stable. The website documents Hindzy’s career to date, providing fans with free downloads, merchandise and back catalogue spanning 12 years.