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Dining chair safety

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Dining chair safety

Incident at noon August 16, Mr. Cao with 1-year-old son Babe (not his real name) went to Qingyang District, a boutique hot pot restaurant to eat before eating, hot pot shop attendant to Beibei moved to a wooden children's meal chair. Babe clapped her hands as she saw the birthday of the next-door guest, just as they were laughing, and the accident happened. Portable table

"The front of the child's dining chair suddenly took off, and Babe fell," said Mr. Fu, who dropped his nose and hit the steps in the hot pot restaurant. "The nose was swollen then and we rushed to the Women's Children's Hospital where the doctor said it was a dislocations of the nasal bone."

Ms. Ray sat at a table next to Mr. Fu because she was back to Babe and she said she did not see how the child had fallen: "After the baby fell, the waiter came over and said that the baby's parents did not get well No relationship with them, the two sides quarrel once.

Reporter visited a number of restaurants and found that most of the current high-end restaurants in Chengdu will provide customers with children's chairs. In addition, the market for children's chairs a wide range of different prices, but the vast majority of none of the relevant test reports. Looking at the industry, there are no clear standards and regulations on the quality and hygiene of children's dining chairs.

Babe's experience is not a special case. January 4, 2012, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, Ms. Qu, a 11-month-old baby eating in the dining chair, dining chair rollover, children fell to the ground on the spot, resulting in the right clavicle fracture. Ms. Qu inspected after the security chair was buckled in the lower half of the dining chair to cause such a tragedy.

On the one hand, parents are concerned about / worry about safety of children's dining chairs

Today, when only children are the overwhelming majority, parents are increasingly cautious about the selection of baby products. For children's chairs, parents pay more attention to what? Reporters interviewed several members of the public and found that in addition to safety issues, health is also a matter of great concern to parents.

The Company to provide you with the most caring, the safest plastic children's high chair, welcome to consult.

Portable table

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