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eva foam: a serious shortage of import-led import market

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eva foam: a serious shortage of import-led import market

EVA (ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer) is a shortage of synthetic materials in China, the current annual domestic consumption has reached 330,000 tons, but the self-sufficiency rate of only 10% to 20%, the basic import to meet the demand. In the next few years, the demand for eva foam in our country will grow at an average annual rate of 8.8%. It is estimated that the consumption in 2006 will reach 460,000 tons and will reach about 610,000 tons in 2010, becoming one of the major consumers in the world. EVA foam products

Currently, the global demand for EVA is 2.6 million tons, of which 25% in North America and 36% in Western Europe. EVA is mainly used for film production, accounting for about 50% of total EVA consumption in Western Europe and nearly 40% in North America; followed by hotmelt glue, accounting for about 25% of total demand. The global EVA demand is expected to maintain an annual average growth rate of 5% -6% in the next few years, of which the United States and Western Europe will be 3% -4%; Japan's demand will remain basically stable; and Asia, Central and South America will be the world with the strongest growth in EVA demand Of the regional market, the average annual growth rate will reach 7% to 8%.

In the 1980s, low-density polyethylene units introduced by Daqing Petrochemical and Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. could be made into EVA. However, due to the shortage of VA raw materials and the shortage of low-density polyethylene, there are still problems with the concurrent production of EVA. The number is small. In 1995, Beijing Organic Chemical Plant introduced complete set of EVA plant from Italy to fill in the blank of EVA industrialized production plant in China with an annual output capacity of 40,000 tons and production capacity of 14 varieties. The output in 1999 was 38,100 tons, and the annual output was 41,000 tons in 2000. 38,400 tons in 2002, reaching 44,390 tons. Since driving, the device has produced 11 brands in total, mainly 3 varieties with VA content of 5%, 14% and 18%.

In recent years, the downstream industry of EVA in China has been booming. From 1995 to 2002, the apparent consumption increased at an average annual growth rate of 22.4%. The apparent consumption in 1995 was 81,900 tons, reaching 338.8 thousand tons in 2002.

At present, the domestic EVA production capacity can not meet the demand far, in addition to many areas of application development is not enough. For example, all kinds of foreign EVA film EVA accounted for about 50% of the total amount, while the proportion of domestic EVA film is not high enough. China is a big agricultural country, and EVA plastic film or EVA multi-layer composite film has great advantages in cold resistance, aging resistance, anti-mist drip properties and so on, so EVA in the next few years the market share in this area will be increased, It is estimated that this area will consume about 75,000 tons of EVA by 2066. China is a large shoe producing country, with 100 grams of EVA per pair of shoes. It is estimated that the demand in 2006 will reach 280,000 tons or above. However, the proportion of EVA in shoes will decrease. Hot-melt adhesive in our country also has a great potential market, with China's printing, furniture, shoe industry further development of its consumption will also gradually increase in 2006 will consume about 50,000 tons of EVA. In the future EVA in wire and cable, toys, inks, bags and other fields will also increase the amount of consumption in 2006 will consume about 55,000 tons of EVA.

While the domestic demand for EVA is increasing rapidly, domestic manufacturers can hardly meet the demand in terms of production quantity and variety. Therefore, the annual import volume of EV A has increased rapidly, reaching 65,400 tons in 1995 and 293,000 tons in 2002 From 1995 to 2002, the average annual import volume increased by 23.9%, with very few exports at the same time.

At present, China's EVA imports mainly come from neighboring countries and regions. China Taiwan accounts for more than 35% of EVA imports, while South Korea accounts for 20% and Japan accounts for 5%. Others such as Singapore and the United States also import more. Import provinces are mainly concentrated in the southeast coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian. Guangdong Province accounts for 60% of the total import of the country and 13% of Fujian Province according to the place of receipt. From the perspective of import trade, China's general import of EVA trade accounted for only 38%, a large number of processing trade, accounting for 61% of the total.

To solve our lack of EVA production capacity should be considered from the following aspects: First, the full benefit eva packaging with the existing low-density polyethylene plant to transform the production of low-VA content (≤ 28%) EVA, in order to save investment and enhance competitiveness; Is to rely on the existing large-scale petrochemical base, building a set of the world's advanced level of EVA production equipment to fundamentally solve the contradiction between supply and demand of China's EVA, in particular, to meet the EVA production of high VA content gap to meet the rapid development of China's adhesive industry needs. However, it should also be noted that, as the existing EVA users are mostly foreign-funded enterprises, which are inextricably linked with foreign-funded enterprises, especially Taiwan-funded enterprises, it will be more difficult to market the new device products , Companies need to take the appropriate strategy.

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