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What is the difference between PE and EVA?

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What is the difference between PE and EVA?

Soft film PVC film, PE film, EVA film.

(1). Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shed film: It is a polyvinyl chloride resin by adding plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, functional additives and processing aids, by rolling film. It is characterized by good light transmission, blocking far infrared, heat insulation, soft and easy to shape, good bonding, good weather resistance. About 80% of the facilities in Japan are covered with PVC greenhouse film. The disadvantage is the high density (1.3g / cm3), a certain weight of film covered area than the polyethylene film (PE) to reduce the 1/3, high cost, low temperature hard hardenable, high temperature and easy softening relaxation After the agent is deposited, the film surface is sticky and dusty, affecting the light transmission. The residual film can not be burned because of the poisonous chlorine gas.

(2). Polyethylene (PE) shed film: Polyethylene shed film is a polyethylene resin by extrusion blow molding. Light texture, soft, easy to shape, good light transmission, non-toxic, suitable for a variety of greenhouse film, plastic film, is China's current main varieties of plastic sheeting. The disadvantage is: poor weather resistance, poor insulation, not easy to bond. If the production of greenhouse film must be added anti-aging agents, non-dropping agents, additives and other additives modified in order to meet the production requirements. At present, the main raw material of PE is high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (L-LDPE).

(3). Ethylene - vinyl acetate (EVA) plastic sheeting: The barrier of EVA to infrared is between that of PVC and PE. EVA has a weak polarity, with a variety of weathering agents, insulation agents, anti-fogging agent blends thin film, good compatibility, inclusive.

Different materials have different characteristics, the characteristics of the decision to use PE products or EVA foam products: EVA has excellent low temperature resistance; followed by PE, PVC plastic film containing 30% plasticizer at 0 ° C hardening, tensile Very poor impact and impact resistance. EVA and PVC plastic sheeting are not suitable for high temperature hot summer applications. The initial transmittance of PVC and PE can reach 90%, PVC with the passage of time, the impact of light transmission, the light transmittance decreased rapidly. The PE transmittance rate of decline more slowly.


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