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Rubber foam insulation board features and uses introduction

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Rubber foam insulation board features and uses introduction

Rubber foam insulation board is the use of high performance nitrile rubber / polyvinyl chloride (NBR / PVC) the main material, eva foam and the introduction of the latest technology at home and abroad and first-class automatic continuous production line, the complex process of foam Of the soft high-grade energy-saving insulation materials, suitable for all types of hot and cold medium pipe, container insulation. Due to the good overall performance of rubber-plastic foam insulation board, it has been widely used in construction, textile, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries. More concentrated use of water and air conditioning systems in the air-conditioning pipeline to prevent condensation and heat insulation to prevent heat loss, the use of the desired effect.

Rubber foam insulation board features:

1, anti-static eva rubber foam insulation board closed foam structure, thermal conductivity is small;

2, rubber foam insulation board has a good thermal insulation effect, saving energy consumption;

3, closed foam structure and dense skin so that water vapor is not easy to penetrate, and low water absorption;

4, Rubber foam insulation board is rich in softness, construction safety is very convenient, saving labor and materials;

5, rubber foam insulation board look elegant and clean;

6, Rubber foam insulation board for a wide temperature range (-40 ℃ to 120 ℃) Weathering is good, durable and practical;

7, a unique flame retardant formula. Rubber foam insulation with fire retardant effect. Suzhou blow molding processing


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