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Blow molding products affect the conditions

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Blow molding products affect the conditions

1. The use of hollow blow molding machine for the production of products, require uniform wall thickness.

2. Usually 0.2L hollow containers can be without the parison wall thickness control device, in other cases should consider the use of parison wall thickness control device, especially the hollow cross-section of the product.

3. Currently, wall thickness control is usually done by changing the die lip clearance at the nosepiece and die core. According to the nose cover, the core of the different shape, lip gap adjustment method is also different.

4. Mold core up and down the general use of hydraulic cylinder drive.

5. When the hollow blow molding machine shape simple plastic hollow container, available switch hydraulic system.

6. Electro-hydraulic reversing valve only accept power or power off signal, so that the hydraulic cylinder up or down, the distance the hydraulic cylinder moves (ie, changes in the opening of the die) by the upper and lower limit nut set, the cylinder moves The speed is set by the throttling effect of the flow valve, and the electrical signal of the electro-hydraulic reversing valve is controlled by the time relay. Shanghai blow molding processing

7. This control method is simple and inexpensive, but the law of wall thickness change is simple, only two changes in wall thickness, can only be used to squeeze the shape of a simple hollow container.

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