AxxoN N - Heal
13th Oct 2014

"Heal sounds like the album that Lynch might have made for Warp. In a way, it’s music of the future. In another, it’s simply an extension of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s experiments of decades ago, or an extrapolation of the Beatles’ Revolution No 9. Really, if Aphex Twin had presented this cacophony on Syro, the reviews would have been just as favourable." – The Guardian (New Band Of The Week - 26/09/14)

“A delicate sample of Fry's laborious ingenuity, utilizing hyper-specific samples and menacing drone ambient progressions to broadcast a sense of spaciousness. The lengthy piece (over nine minutes) is shot in total DIY format, insulated in what sounds like a space suit as the ambiguous figure walks along to the atmospheric effort - something that could come from that apparent Lynch influence.” - The 405

“Bears some resemblance to a version of Kraftwerk that’s been turned on its head. AxxoN N turns the inhuman and digital into something feral and organic.” – No Fear Of Pop

“An intense piece of electronic production. The tempo is ramped up to elastic levels recalling the more frenetic periods of drum 'n' bass or even Chicago's footwork scene. It's not velocity without atmosphere, though, with AxxoN N seeming to make the walls crumble in around you.” - Clash

Part 1.
1. Passenger
2. Petri Dish
3. Eye of the Storm
4. Defamation
5. Time of Need
6. Mind Interference
7. Asleep All Day
8. Limbo
9. Panic Attack
10. Existence

Part 2.
1. Dysphoria
2. Contemplation
3. Medication
4. Memories
5. Heal
6. Reason to Believe
7. Bad Dream
8. New Dawn
9. Life Goes On

Heal can be bought from Amazon, iTunes and Boomkat.