Don Yule 'Limit(Less) Sex & Love'
29 July 2018

1. Just Lay Back
2. Unicorn
3. On a Journey
4. Full of Love
5. Life is Perfect
6. Challenges of Polyamory
7. Utopia
8. The Morning After

Listen here.

'Limit(Less) Sex & Love' is Don Yule's second original soundtrack and follows his award winning one for Canadian indie sci-fi film 'Mining Moon', released in 2016.

About the movie
Feeling trapped in a monogamous relationship, my partner and I were both angry and frustrated. So she gave me a book about Polyamory, which I had never heard of before. Wanting to know more, I decided that whenever I travelled somewhere, I would search online for polyamorous groups and people and ask to interview them.

Many people were reluctant to go on camera, fearful they would be judged negatively, or it might be a threat to their job or their family. So I want to thank all those who were willing to let me interview them, and help me understand a little more about being Polyamorous.