Don Yule - Mining Moon OST
15th Jan 2016

1. Intro & Bar Dance
2. Kaia Walks To Bank
3. Ikk's Bar 1
4. Kitchen
5. Ikk's Bar 2
6. Soap Opera Theme
7. Ambassador Thood Interview
8. Akowi Enters Ikk's Office
9. Akowi Office Exit & Jaelon Introduction
10. Ikk's Bar 3
11. Akowi & Fingies Fight
12. Fingies's Disabled
13. Ikk's Bar 4
14. Renegade Conference
15. Akowi Planting Explosives
16. Spaceship
17. Inna Debrief
18. Kaia End Sequence

Don Yule's award winning soundtrack to Canadian indie sci-fi film Mining Moon was composed in 2015 and released on Domestic in 2016.

The film tells the tale of Agent Akowi who goes undercover to expose renegade weapon sales from a remote lunar mining outpost and his soundtrack takes in influences such as Hans Zimmer, Boards of Canada, soap opera music and various other strains of electronic music.

Don Yule won awards for best OST in the International Independent Film Awards, The IndieFest Film Awards and Galactic Film Festival.