Rubik - Duet/Shadows of Apple Blossoms (Atki2 Remix)
16 March 2015

1. Duet
2. Shadows of Apple Blossoms (Atki2 Remix)

‘Duet’ the latest from Rubik and taken from a forthcoming set for domestic entitled ‘tone poem’ is a bit of a reviewers worst nightmare for it refuses to kowtow the usual pop party line and instead tinkers, turns and twists its sonic fabric into a defy you to categorize blurring of the genre divides which unless my ears do deceive to us at least sounds not unlike a loop grooved terraforming tapestry of noir chamber pop operatics replete with a scuttering neo classical piano tremble and squirrelling string arrangements all dinked with haunting pastoral posies, really is quite enjoyably bizarre and something that admirers of Momus and La STPO would do well to plug into at their earliest convenience. The video – equally kooky incidentally – is by Milton Melvin Croissant. - The Sunday Experience