Rubik - Light Music
18th Mar 2016

1. Drifted Away
2. Lia
3. Ring Out The False, Ring In The True
4. Here My Dear
5. Enough That Cut Your Breath
6. Sister
7. Reflections
8. Become Memory
9. Proscenium Arch
10. Blue Eyes
11. Total Control

Light Music is a collection of tracks produced between 2001-2011 or so using various production methods and contains Drifted Away which was initially released on Raining Leaf's Chapel Yard back in 2013. This track represents a bookend of a particular way I used to work before I went on to the more experimental/abstract stuff of Communication and the following albums.

Other "notable" tracks include Reflections which was initially planned to be released on another label but never quite happened. It remains unfinished but I still think it has its charm hence its inclusion here. It's about as traditionally dancey (as in have a dance) as I get..

The rest of the tracks are mainly experiments, little sketches or manipulations of other releases and unreleased Rubik tracks.