Rubik - Like the Sorrow of a Dream
5th May 2017

1. Space for Someone
2. River
3. Tongue Web
4. Feather
5. #00AFF0
6. Closer
7. Kinds of Love
8. Ix
9. Summer
10. Doubt is a Pain too Lonely to Know
11. Violet Shade
12. Like the Sorrow of a Dream
13. Birds
14. Self-pollution
15. Nothing Else
16. Waterfall
17. Six
18. Kinds of Decay
19. Close

'Like the Sorrow of a Dream' is a 26 minute piece of classical music that resulted from an idea I had a couple of years ago to make a piece made entirely from samples of orchestras tuning up. I finally got round to giving it a go in Feb/March 2017 and used Youtube amongst other sources to build up a load of source material and then started putting them together like a puzzle in Logic.