Rubik - Linguistic Putrefaction
22nd Apr 2016

1. Linguistic Putrefaction
2. Linguistic Putrefaction (instrumental)

This was a song I was working on for about 5 months in the end. Originally there was going to be another verse and I wrote some of the lyrics but it wasn't really happening so I ended it where it was. I played the guitar and the small piano melody towards the end (and sang of course). The samples were taken from Schubert, Jonathan Harvey, Vaughan Williams and a classical Chinese composer whose name I don't know.

It’s sweet at last
Peace is made
To incubate inside
City lights, like stars burn tonight
Coast to coast
Feel no pain
Just an ordinary day followed night
Control, a crying shame
Move closer
A phase to try
Pull away
A statue to breath life
Who am I to resist the offer of taking you home?