Rubik 'Soundwalk N17' Pt. 1
14 Jun 2019

1. Knife
2. Picture of This
3. Outside Coppermill Heights
4. Tottenham Marshes
5. Helicopter
6. Honouring The Fallen
7. A Brighter Future
8. We've Got to Win

Soundwalk N17 is an audio document of Tottenham, North London as it goes through a period of massive and rapid change (some would say gentrification). It was initially conceived as a reaction of sorts to the continued construction of a 33 story block of flats meters from my front room window but ended up being just a thing from a place at a particular time irrespective or what was going on in it.

It features some construction noises but also birds and people at the marshes and canal, Spurs related talk in the pub, random stuff outside my flat, ambience in the cemetery and a fair bit from my balcony.

Shout out to the "Oh no" guy near the beginning. Here's a map.