Various Artists - 10 Years of Domestic
15 June 2018

1. Rubik - Honeytree
2. Being - Jupiter
3. Raining Leaf - Apogean Tide
4. Mink Freud - War of the Worlds
5. Don Yule - Renegade Conference
6. Gnaw Their Tongues - Mars
7. Don Yule - Venus
8. Rubik - Linguistic Putrefaction
9. AxxoN N - Time of Need
10. Mink Freud - Winter Sunrise

Listen here.

So (nearly) 27 releases in and Domestic reaches it's first big milestone. It's tempting in these situations to say I can't believe how quickly its gone but actually 10 years sounds about right...

Though I'd been mildly toying with the idea of starting a label it was a guy called Ziggy who had a label called Kiss That Ass who first seriously put the idea in to my head probably around 2006.

I liked the idea of releasing a version of Holst's Planets suite too so it seemed like the right time although my initial dreams of planet-related picture discs didn't happen. Still, the project itself DID happen and was released digitally over the course of a few years whilst various friends of mine got on board and contributed to it. You can find 3 of the tracks on this compilation and the rest of them here.

After the Planets it was on to various other bits and pieces; my debut album, Mink Freud's frankly bonkers 'Gelatinous' in 2011, a couple of soundtracks (one forthcoming) by Don Yule and the exceptional and unique 'Heal' by AxxoN N.

Skip to the end and thats where we are now. Still releasing music (though only 1 or 2 releases a year) and very proud of what has been released. Hopefully this compilation will be testament to the variety and quality (even if I do say so myself) of the output.

Thanks for reading/listening.

Rubik (Shaun)